College Teens Book Bang

Everyone knows how totally freaking rediculous college tuition and books are these days. We hit up colleges all over the USA looking for broke school chicks and offer them a ton of cash if they agree to get naked and so some suckin and fuckin... Who needs scholarships or student loans when you can pay with pussy!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hot college babe

Fucking for Higher Education - Taylor Nix
College frosh Taylor Nix saw the flyer I posted on campus and went to my office to inquire about the scholarship requirements. She is 19 years old, broke and doesn't have enough cash to pay for her books. She works part time at the student center. That job doesn't pay dick, as Taylor explained. She needed about two grand before the upcoming semester or she might have to drop out. As we were chatting, Will, our pretend college student cruised in asking about the same scholarship Taylor was working me for. I told them both, if they stared together in a college film, I would hook them both up with the funds. Taylor jumped at the chance. I told her to take her clothes off, she heisted, asked me for the money, I showed her the cash, she finished getting undressed while Will was rubbing his huge cock underneath his worn out gym shorts. Taylor stood their naked, waiting for her next set of instructions. Will stood up, cock as stiff as a board and told Taylor to suck him off.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brunette college babe sucks huge fat dicks

I was campus hopping the other day when I bumped into Drew Butterfly, she looks so desperate and I can resist seeing a pretty young lady like this, so I asked her why she looks so sad. She told me she is in dire need of money and she is willing to do anything just to earn book money. This is definitely my chance to see a hot package beneath her clothes, so I asked her back to the studio. Drew looks so hot when naked and my cock wasted no time as I fuck her the way she wants it in exchange for money.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

College sweetheart gets banged in her tight pussy

Jamie gets a chance to pay for her schooling!
Jimmy and I have another college scholarship to give but we still haven't found someone really deserving. The campus was already empty and we decided to continue our search the next day. We were heading home when I saw Jamie Elle walking all alone. She looked really fresh, young and pretty. Jimmy shoved me to go and talk to her. This 19 year old teen was wearing a very tight jean skirt that revealed her silky legs and that got me mesmerized for a moment. Jamie Elle is a college freshman and she could not keep up with her school works because she has no college books. I told her I can give her the scholarship but first she needs to do a little favor for me. I did see a trace of doubt in her face and just few minutes passed we were ready to roll all over the bed. Jamie Elle jumped up and down my bed like a kid and I thought that was really cute. I pulled up of her top and I was kind of surprised to see her young breasts but that gave me a feeling she is really a wild coed. I moved down to taste her sweet snatch and Jamie Elle repaid me right away with a blowjob. I wasted no more time and off goes my cock drilling her moist young twat in missionary. She rode my cock twice and went down to get her pussy stretched even more until I was about to pop on her face. Jamie Elle got the scholarship and a creamy facial as a bonus.
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sexy coed enjoying hardcore sex

Sexy coed enjoying hardcore sex
I went to a campus the other day hoping that I could find a hot teen interested in my fuck scholarship. I searched every corners of that campus together with Jimmy until we found Joey just hanging out by herself near the empty pool. I didn't want Joey to freak out because of our camera so I explained to her beforehand that Jimmy and I were having a documentary about college girls. Joey was wearing a very short skirt and I saw her rock hard nipples through her top. I laid out the requirements in order to get the scholarship and she was half hearted in accepting our offer since it includes nudity. Oh well, everything went our way and Joey's desire for money overcame her. She threw her clothes away and showed me her tight teen body before she dropped to the floor to gag on my stiff cock. Joey was still in control in cowgirl and I had a hard time inserting my cock since she has a tight shaved twat. She went down for more pussy pumping as we did three more positions before I unloaded my hot jizz all over her face. Earning a college scholarship is not that hard at all, right Joey?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hot college chick fucking hunky frat boys

Find college girls in their sexy cheerleader uniform really cute and Scarlette happened to be one of them. She is not in jolly mood today since she badly needs money. I gave her the book money she needs in exchange for her teen pussy and with no hesitation she answers back with a hot blowjob. My cock went to town as I pounded her hard and fast. Watch me as I give this teen more smoking bookbang when you.
Hot college babe gets banged by her roommate

I was roaming around a campus looking for cute cheerleaders. I'm really a big fan of cheer teams, spying on their tight teen body every time they are out there. It took me a few minutes to find one and it looks like Scarlett Faye is also lost like us. We chatted for a while and this poor little girl is in big trouble, she badly needs a college scholarship to pursue her studies. Scarlette Faye is in luck that day because I was in the mood to give her a scholarship but if only she is willing to do a little favor for me. She was hesitant at first but huge cock is not that easy to resist. I began caressing her perky college breasts before she hit the floor to taste my cock. Scarlette Faye jumped over me as I opened up her moist hole in cowgirl. Those minutes I was fucking that pretty cheerleader was one of the best days of my life. I was so into our romp that I blew right inside her fat pussy. Scarlett Faye's smooth moves in bed bagged her lots of college books.
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

College hardcore fuck

19 Year Old College Slut - Vanessa
I was checking out the campus of my former school when I stumbled upon a coed named Vanessa. She seemed cool, friendly and cute. After a few minutes of chit chat, I learned that this sexy 19 year old Marine Biology student is a little short on money. I knew that this is my chance to get into her pants. I told Vanessa that I'll pay for her books if she agrees to model for me. She seemed cool with it. I got her a ride to my place where my buddy is waiting. I told Vanessa to take off her clothes so we could start our modeling thing. She quickly did and as an added bonus she began to tease my buddy. She was a great cock sucker, taking almost everything in her mouth. After a few minutes of hot oral fun, they decided to fuck each other. Vanessa was a real hot college slut. She had no problems getting banged in any position. Vanessa must've needed her college books badly because she swallowed every last drop of my buddy's cum. I dig college sluts.
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

College teen gets banged hard in the cooch

College life is really difficult especially if you don’t have enough money for books just like Scarlett. This young slut looks really cute and innocent but with the right price I’m sure she’s willing to strip down her clothes. I just love pounding this sexy meat, stretching her young wet pussy until she screams for more. Watch me give her more vicious hammering and her favorite creamy stuff when you.
College slut gets pounded in her pussy

We met Scarlett Envy over on campus on her way to play tennis. She was trying to relieve herself of the strain of being a teen coed having to try to make it in college with limited cash. Scarlett hadn't even purchased her books but Jimmy explained our scholarship offer that would take care of all those problems. She admitted sex was a big part of the collegiate life so when Jimmy explained that she could earn cash by having sex with me on film, Scarlett Envy hardly resisted. I was a happy camper because she was a real cutie with a great attitude and after I felt her up real good when we got back to Jimmy's, I had Scarlett naked on her knees sucking my cock. I was hard and ready to fuck when Scarlett slid her teen twat down my shaft for a bouncing ride. We were all over each other, fucking and licking and banging some more. I had just eaten Scarlett Envy's pussy and was pounding her some more when I exploded a load that dripped right down her chin. Now I know we just made Scarlett's campus life much easier.
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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Real college girls

We're at another college looking for some hot ass when we come across Dhalia. We instantly throw her a rap about making some extra cash to help her schooling out. This girl might be an easy lay at parties because shes down for whatever we do and so we haed back to the studio for some one-on-one education. She made the right decision as shes gagging on our guys dick, then gets tossed around for some sweet fuckin action. Thats followed by her face getting blasted with cum!
Balls Deep for Books - Dhalia Denyle

Dhalia really never stood a chance the way we rushed up on her over at the local campus and started asking her questions a mile a minute. Jimmy has that way about him when he's out looking for college chicks for me to bang. Dhalia was just kind of frozen at first but as she loosened up, I could see she sure was a hottie. Before we could even offer her our special scholarship, she told us she was short on cash to buy her expensive textbooks. It was a near slam dunk to get her to agree to have sex with me on camera so off we went. As soon as we sat on the bed I was feeling all over Dhalia's body as the clothes started hitting the floor. The next thing I knew I had my finger and tongue inside some tight 18-year-old pussy. My big dick was sticking straight out and Dhalia knew exactly what to do, sucking me straight down to my balls. I slid my cock inside her doggie at first before Dhalia got on top to ride me. I made her earn every penny of our scholarship, right up to the gooey load I shot on her cute lips. Dhalia may have trouble walking for a while but buying books won't be a problem anymore.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Tattooed college slut likes her pussy to get blasted doggy style

I’m a kind-hearted person and helping broke college students is just one of my daily objectives, so when I visited one campus and bumped into Chayse, I did not hesitate to help her out. This college slut looks really hot and I can’t wait to get my hands all over her plump ass and perky breasts. In exchange for her book money, Chayse agreed to suck my cock and right after we’re all over my place. See this desperate naughty slut as I fuck her all the way when you click here.
Tattooed college slut earns fast cash just by sucking strange cock
Chayse had all the qualities Jimmy and I look for in a student for our special scholarship, needy and sexy. She was definitely struggling to make ends meet, working as a waitress part time for a few bucks. The sexy part was obvious. When you go walking through campus with tight black spandex pants and a mid drift top with a body like Chayse's, it's pretty easy to get noticed. I'm just glad we noticed her not to mention she was fairly easy to persuade to have sex with me for cash. We were both checking each other out pretty hard when we were on campus and by the time we got back to Jimmy's, I helped Chayse slip out of her clothes before I fingered her snatch. She caught on quick, grabbing my hard cock and sucking it deep down her throat before she jumped on top of me to ride me cowgirl style. Chayse had a really tight wet teen pussy that I just tore up with my dig dick until I blasted off a cum explosion in her mouth. Now that's a special quality too.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blonde college teen with a big ass gets fucked hard

Blonde college teen with a big ass gets fucked hard
I know how to tell a would-be model when I see one so when I happen to spot Dylan taking a short break inside her campus, I got very excited. Dylan desperately needed money so she can buy her books that's why she didn't hesitate applying for my “college teen” scholarship in exchange for riding and sucking my cock in front of the camera. Watch her struggling to put my dick inside her mouth when you.
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lovely blonde college teen deep throats a huge stiff cock

It's tough when a promising student loses her scholarship which was what precisely happened to college teen Samantha. Good thing my “Book Bang” academic program still has funds left so I immediately made her join it if she's willing to have her pussy inspected by my big cock. Samantha doesn't have much choice since she's horny and penniless at the same time. Watch her off-school antics with me when you.
Horny blonde college teen with pink nipples gets fucked on the couch

Jimmy and I had one of those days that everything seemed to fall into place. We were over at the local campus looking for a needy coed we could video for our site and within minutes we ran into this cute blonde. We knew right away Samantha needed cash since she told us her scholarship had been revoked due to a dirty drug test, and now couldn't purchase her books. Needy, young and really cute is a great combination for us. Samantha was a prime candidate for our special scholarship offer. She was initially shocked to learn she would have to have sex with me on camera to earn the money but her smiling attitude gave me every indication that she would do it. That and the fact that she was grabbing and flirting with me. When she gave the thumbs up, I was a happy dude because I just wanted to rock this cutie's world. We got back to Jimmy' and my hands were all over Samantha. I was grabbing on her round tits and toying with her teen pussy. Once I started licking on it, Samantha couldn't wait for her chance to suck my dick. She was ready to go at it and so was I so I spread Samantha's legs wide apart and began pounding away at her tight snatch. We fucked like horny animals all over the place in all kinds of crazy positions before I splattered her chin with cum. I live for days like today.
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

college book for teen

I'm always in a mission when it comes to college teens who need cash for their school books and Cheyanne happens to be one of them. She's one hot looking brunette who had all the tools that can make any man's cock stiff in a flash. I instantly laid the rap on her for easy money, which means I can fuck her tight pussy with total gratification.
Brunette Coed Begs for Cumshot

Jimmy and I have done this routine a few hundred times it seems but it always seems to work. We approach a hot coed and act like we're doing on camera campus interviews and I act like a student subject Jimmy just met for his special scholarship project. We spotted this coed cutie Cheyanne sitting on a bench at a college here in the Valley so we did our act. Cheyanne was all smiles while Jimmy presented his offer right up until he told her that having sex with me on cameratelling me to fuck her tight teen pussy. This was a true freak that was going to do anything to please me to get her much needed cash payoff. We licked and banged each other all over that bed until Cheyanne knew I was about to burst so she begged for my cum. She got off my hard dick and went to the floor as I blasted a thick load all over her face. You talk about a winning and working formula, this is it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pretty college teen likes reading books and sucking cocks

Barbie is not a privileged college teen who has a lot of cash to spare and I know just how to remedy that. Meanwhile I saw her at the campus looking for a way so she can buy books so I told her I have a thousand bucks if she's willing to fuck me in unabashed fashion. Barbie didn't seem to mind the lewd proposal and before I knew it she was already giving me a blow job. See her extra curricular activities when you.
Scrumptious blonde college teen gets her tits licked and fondled

Jimmy and I practically had to chase this cute blonde coed down when we first spotted her on campus. We wanted to throw our scholarship routine at her but once we finally caught up to Barbie, Jimmy was a little out of breath from lugging the camera around. He eventually collected himself and I'm glad he did because Barbie was a cutie and it would have been a shame to not get a chance to score with her. She was in her first year of school and had paid basically spent all her money getting her classes without financial aid or money from her parents. Barbie was really interested in our offer, especially since she had been attending class without most of her textbooks. She thought I was a struggling student too so Barbie identified with me but all I wanted to identify was what I just knew was a super piece of ass. Barbie came over to Jimmy's knowing something was up but she had no problem letting me take down her top to play with her little titties. Barbie was too in need of the cash plus she was digging it action too. She put her mouth all over my cock and as soon as it was like a rock, Barbie's teen pussy slid right down on me with a really tight fit. We started fucking slowly but things got faster and more heated as we just tore each other up before I shot a load that dripped off Barbie's lips. I have to say I'm pretty happy we decided to run after Barbie.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Desperate coed skips school to get laid in exchange for book money

I'm always in a mission when it comes to college teens who need cash for their school books and Angelina happens to be one of them. She's one beguiling brunette who had all the tools that can make any man's cock stiff in a flash. I instantly listed her in my special scholarship program which also means I can fuck her tight pussy with total impunity. See Angelina riding my dick when you.
Charming college teen fucked in doggy for some book cash

I played the poor college student with no books part again for Jimmy's scam scholarship and it worked like a charm when I met my fellow student Angelina. She had purchased only one book but was totally broke and was more than interested in our scholarship offer. Angelina was really friendly and said she would do whatever it took to get some much needed cash. I liked her positive attitude and her tight teen ass wasn't too bad either. Angelina was shy at first about stripping out of her clothes but once I helped her get totally naked, my face and tongue were all over her sweet college pussy. My cock was fully erect by now and Angelina got me wet and lathered to fuck her snatch with a serious sucking. Angelina got up and straddled my dick with her shaved pussy and slammed up and down totally getting into the whole experience. She really got off when I turned her over on all fours for a doggie slamming. I had Angelina spread eagle while pounding her good and hard when I pulled out and shot a wad of jizz into her mouth. Just another coed on the road to success.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Scorching hot college teen gets her pussy fucked in cow girl mode

Makakli was just fired from her part-time job in a department store when she came knocking on my door to earn some cash for her books. This college teen had some real tits and mouthwatering curves that got my tool as stiff as wood so I instantly went to work by licking her pussy and fondling her immense natural breasts. Watch me dousing this brunette with my sticky cum when you.

Brunette college teen getting hammered in reverse cow girl for cash

Jimmy and I were scouting the local college scene looking for another desperate coed when I saw this strikingly cute babe. I nearly jumped out of the car while it was still moving to get her attention. Makali was a little startled at first but we once started to tell her about our special scholarship offer, she got interested quickly. She wasn't able to afford to buy even one book at this point so having sex with me on camera for a big payday was just fine with Makali and was even more than for me. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her sexy teen body. I slowly peeled all of Makali's clothes off of her when we got back to Jimmy's and she didn't need directions to find out where my cock was. She was down on her knees stroking and sucking me good before I grabbed her by the hips and slid her wet shaved coed pussy straight down on my stiff meat. Makali rode me like the naughty teen slut I knew she was before I flipped her around and drilled her missionary style. I was pounding her snatch hard when I pulled out and busted a creamy load right into her mouth. Sorry I scared you at first Makali but I think it all turned out ok.
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Coed Sluts Love Skater Boys

Candice is a little late when she decides to regsiter for her college courses, and gets lucky as she see our guys throwing tail on his skateboard. We come up to her and we instantly throw her a rap about making some extra cash to help her schooling out. This girl might be an easy lay at parties because shes down for whatever we do and so we haed back to the studio for some one-on-one education. Candice made the right decision as shes gagging on our guys dick, then gets tossed around for some sweet fuckin action. Thats followed by her face getting blasted with cum!

I was bored and decided to go skateboarding over at the local college campus on a recent night, and called Jimmy to tag along in case we ran into some stray coed pussy. It was really dark but I told Jimmy I thought I saw a cutie lurking around the corner checking us out. I inspected further and sure enough this teen freshman Candice was checking out my skills. Right away Jimmy broke into the special book scholarship offer, especially after Candice mentioned she couldn't afford to buy any. This chick wanted money and I wanted to bang her badly so we all agreed and off we went to Jimmy's place. When I unzipped my fly and let my long cock fall out, Candice nearly ran out of the room. She regained her senses and attempted to get all my meat in her mouth, and she did a damn god job of it. When she got on top of me, I could tell Candice was no stranger to fucking because she knew how to ride. Candice knew just about all there was to know about getting laid so I drilled her teen pussy long and hard before glazing her with a facial. Good things seem to happen when you get out of the house.
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Short college teen having her pussy busted and banged in doggy style

Eve is a freshman in a nearby State College, I knew that she didn't have cash but aside from that she was also feeling horny when I spotted her. I adore small young college teens like her because of their tight pussies and Eve is no exception at all. Watch me fucking Eve's open wound in doggy and reverse cow girl as she works hard for some book cash when you.
College teen has one tight pussy that got clobbered by a huge cock

Our special scholarship offer was getting rejected left and right when Jimmy and I were about to make our way to another campus. Just as we were leaving we ran into a super cute coed prospect so we decided to give our pitch another go. Thank God we did or we would have never met Eve. She was just a first year student but friendly and so sexy. Eve was wearing a tiny mini skirt and I couldn't take my eyes off her pink panties staring at me between her legs. She acted as if she was innocent but she had been to a few frat parties if you know what I mean. It took a little coaxing but the deadly combination of having no money and having a good chunk of change offered to do a sex video with me was too tempting for her to turn down. When we got to Jimmy's I had Eve naked in a matter of seconds, fingering her and getting her so wet. I knew she was a little teen freak. She sucked me good until I was hard before I grabbed her tight body and slid her neatly trimmed pussy down on my cock. She rode me like a true cowgirl before we go into all other kinds of positions. She gave me a workout fucking her but I sure had a blast. I had her legs spread wide apart pounding away when I finally busted my nut all over her cute face. Just another horny scholarship recipient.
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Pretty college teen working hard to get some book cash

Pretty college teen working hard to get some book cash
Jimmy and I were on campus late one recent night prowling the scene for coeds when we kind of startled Molly. We were outside of the financial aid office, ironically, and offered Molly our special scholarship that she would never find inside those doors. We knew she was in need of money since she hadn't bought a textbook yet but convincing Molly how she could earn it was a bit tricky. She was really shy but the offer was way to tempting for Molly to pass up so she agreed to come back to Jimmy's and have sex with me on camera. Things started a little slowly as I felt up Molly's tits as I stripped her down. She was giggling until I pulled out my stiff cock. Molly stopped laughing and got on her knees for a suck job that wasn't your average cock licking by a teen. This chick had skills and when I started fucking her tight shaved snatch, there was no doubt Molly was a little closet freak. She loved every second of me pounding her pussy right up until I busted my creamy nut right on her lips. Molly surely earned her scholarship.
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beautiful college teen has a big ass that is for rent

I was surprised to see someone as alluring as Kristina ask me about some part-time job that I can give her. There was really nothing I can think of at that point but upon seeing her huge firm ass and unbelievably well-sculpted body I decided to give this lovely college teen a chance. Kristina was desperate for a book cash so I had her sucking my cock as she earns the money the hard way. Watch her butt hole gaping wide when you.
Watch this pretty college teen working hard to get some book cash

It was summer term so things were a little slow around campus but it didn't stop Jimmy and me from finding another qualified candidate for our special scholarship. We spotted this adorable petite cutie named Kristina that was taking classes because she had partied a little too much previous semesters and had some catching up to do. She was struggling financially as well and hadn't bought one book for her classes yet. I was so hoping she was going to say yes to Jimmy's offer to have sex on camera with me because Kristina was so damn cute, I couldn't keep my hands off her. Kristina was a little nervous about who was going to see the video but it soon became apparent her money issues outweighed everything else so off we went. I finally got to out my hands all over Kristina's body and she had just the best little ass. Her pussy was quite nice too as I fingered and licked her good before I crammed her tight trimmed teen pussy full of my hard man meat. I banged her, she fucked me and we just totally got into each other on Jimmy's sofa. I had Kristina's legs spread wide open, pounding away when I pulled out and let loose with a glob of man juice into her mouth. No matter what time of school year it is, there are always some desperate teen coeds looking for a little assistance.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Attractive college teen fucks this stud for some book money

I know how difficult it is to go to college without having the cash to buy books so when Naomi asked me for some help I didn't have any second thoughts to extend some help. Naomi Cruise is one attractive teen so I gave her a deal wherein I would fuck her in all her holes in exchange for some money. We closed the deal and she went down to suck my cock like a pro. Watch me pummeling this enthralling beaver in all positions conceivable when you.
Classy teen gets her sweet and juicy pussy fucked hard in cow girl

Jimmy and I spotted this hot blonde coed over at the local campus the other day but we lost sight of her until we saw her walking in a different direction. We started running toward her and I thought Jimmy was going to have heart failure carrying his camera. We finally caught up to Naomi Cruise on her way home. She said she was just a struggling freshman that was having a tough time adjusting to the college life socially and financially. Naomi hadn't even bought most of her books and was thinking about finding a job to help maker ends meet. Of course Jimmy told her about our special book scholarship program. Naomi was more interested in the amount of money she would be getting than in what she would have to do to get it. Having sex with a stranger didn't seem like too much of a big deal so it was one hurdle we didn't have to overcome. That was more than ok with me because I wanted to check out her lean body a little closer. When we got back to Jimmy's, I took off Naomi's top and started fondling and sucking on her nice round tits. We went straight to sucking and licking each other until we were both horny as hell. Naomi got on top of me backward cowgirl style, bouncing up and down my stiff shaft. I slammed her tight teen pussy all over Jimmy's couch before I busted my nut all over her lips. Chasing Naomi down was definitely a good move on our part.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Spy Tatianna’s Brown Star

I Spy Tatianna’s Brown Star
I spotted Tatianna leaving a night class on the local community college. She was waiting for her ride to come. When her friend didn't show we made her an offer no coed slut can refuse,1000 dollars to fuck me on film. With her acceptance we all cruised back to my apartment. Tatianna was the outgoing type and didn't need much coaxing in order to get naked. I spread her ass checks, licked her sweet coed pussy then began to finger fuck her tight little asshole. Tatianna was moaning with pleasure and eager to return the favor. She dropped to her knees, took my huge cock with both hands and engulfed my monster man meat using her engulfed dick sucking lips. She bobbed up and down until my meat pole was rock hard. She gave it one last spit then shoved it balls deep into her moist mound. I pounded her tight pussy every which way from Sunday until I blew my load all over her well rounded tits. I give Tatianna an A for effort.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beautiful college teen gets banged hard in exchange for some book cash

Aurora is one typical college teen with an extraordinary skill for cock sucking and fucking. Just like most students, she needs to buy books for her classes and when I told her that I was more than ready to dole out a few hundred bucks in exchange for her pussy, she was already brandishing it in front of me. See this pretty vixen riding mty stiff shaft in reverse cow girl when you.
College teen works hard to get some book cash as she fucks this stud

Jimmy and I hit the campus again and this time the first girl we came across wound up being a gem. Aurora was heading home from class with a backpack that badly needed to have a few textbooks inside. She was going to school on her own without family help, and the bucks had basically run dry. Aurora also said her sex life lately wasn't anything to write home about either. That was the foot in the door Jimmy needed and when he mentioned our book scholarship deal for some on camera sex, Aurora said she would give it a try. She was a shy teen cutie and I was almost afraid of what damage I may cause her. Those worries went right out the window quickly when we got back to Jimmy's when Aurora took off her clothes and spread her legs for me to lick her sweet teen slit. It tasted so good and she got a good taste of me too, bobbing her head up and down my stiff rod. Aurora got on top of me for a pounding cowgirl ride and from that point on, I couldn't fuck her hard or long enough. I had her legs spread wide open, drilling away at tight pussy when I finally unleashed my spunk on her chin. It looks like Aurora's backpack will be a little heavier tomorrow. And her wallet too.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Banged Breanna Fox’s Pierced Coed Pussy

I Banged Breanna Fox’s Pierced Coed Pussy
Jimmy had a brilliant idea to bring hot coeds right to our door instead of us always patrolling the local campuses. He posted a bogus ad for used college textbooks at a great price. That's how we met this blonde cutie Breanna. When she came to the door, we fumbled around a bit saying the books were already sold. Breanna wasn't sure what she was going to do now but one thing was for certain. She needed money and quick. Well she fell right into our trap. The conversation turned to sex and now Breanna had a good idea what was up. She was hesitant at first but her need for cash was just to pressing for her to say no. I helped Breanna peel her clothes off and she had quite the cute little teen body. She had a pierced pussy so I knew then she was at least a little kinky. It turned out she was much more than that and quite the cocksucker. I thought she was going to suck my dick all day and I really didn't mind, but I wanted to drill Breanna's tight box. Once I got inside her tight lips, things got really wild as I fucked her all over Jimmy's couch before she gobbled down my load. I really like it when coeds coming knocking at our door.
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Curvy hot college teen gets down on all fours for some book cash

Paige Taylor was one desperate college girl but she was so damn cute I couldn’t resist offering her one of our special scholarships. She needed her school books in the worst way, and said she would do whatever it took to make some quick cash. When I told her what she needed to do to score a few needed bucks, Paige was down on all fours with her firm teen ass up in the air in no time!
This exceptionally hot college teen gets buggered for a little cash on the couch

Hottie coed Paige was trying to find a quiet area to study. She stumbled upon a little nook right behind her community college, back in the woods a bit. To her surprise and ours, we were using that location to scout out future scholarship winners, and she blew up our spot. Paige Taylor was asking what in the world we were doing back there with our video camera. We claimed the college had hired us to shoot a documentary about secret study spots. We asked Paige if she wanted to be the featured star. She was game especially when we offered her an extra thousand dollars to get naked and fuck me on film. Paige was down on all fours with her firm teen ass up in the air in no time. I blasted away at that tight pussy and you can catch all the sizzling action when you.
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blonde college teen needs some book money so she sucks an alien cock

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Checking out the scene at college campuses is one of my favorite pastimes. There are so many hot coeds looking for a chance to make some quick cash the easy way. I saw this teen cute Jessie sitting there one day with a dejected look on her face. She still hadn't purchased her books since her parents cut her off. She had almost failed out last semester and needed to prove herself to her folks. I mentioned our special scholarship program, Jessie was right on it. A little while later she was right on my hard dick too, riding it like only a coed slut could. Switching positions, screaming with pleasure and smacking her own clit. That sent me into a tailspin and I blew my load all over her hair. HA! I love girls who give it the old college try.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

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I was looking for another cute needy coed that I could offer our special book scholarship to when I ran into Jaylynn. She looked really down in the dumps but boy what a cutie and a body to die for. This girl didn’t even have a book for any of her classes but when I told her I could pay for all of them for a sexy video, Jaylynn perked right up as did my cock. Jaylynn knew what to do when I stuffed her mouth full of my meat before pounding that teen pussy into submission. Check out how Jaylynn got a leg up on her higher education when you.
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We figured it might be slow over at the college to find some teen pussy for our special scholarship since it was a holiday weekend, but we had nothing better going on so we checked it out. It was pretty desolate but we did run into sexy Jaylynn that was trying to get into her friends locker to borrow her books since she didn't have the money to buy hers. Jaylynn had the wrong combination and couldn't contact her friend but that led to a perfect opportunity for us to tell her about our proposition. It's a great gig for me. Jimmy does most of the talking and I do all of the fucking. Of course Jaylynn took the bait and off we went. But before we left campus, Jaylynn showed how really serious she was when she tasted my dick right there in the hallway. I'd say that was serious enough so when we finally arrived at Jimmy's place, we flew out of our clothes and Jaylynn was all over my stiff meat. She had a tight slim teen body and an even tighter teen pussy that I just drilled as hard as I could. This horny slut wanted me to fuck her harder but I gave it all I had until I finally blasted my load all over her face and hair.
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Monday, August 06, 2007

College teen expertly

College teen expertly
Roaming around a college at night looking for my next scholarship winner I spotted Bailey leaving one of her night classes. She was a blonde cutie in a tight little skirt. Bailey was the perfect age, 19 years old, young and naive. I started my money for book wrap and she just ate it up. Her parents had recently cut her off and she was in desperate need for some extra cash. I told her she could earn over a thousand dollars for a little sucky sucky on camera. Without any other options she took the bait and came back to my place. Once back I stripped her down, spread her pussy lips and ate that teen pussy still she came. While her pussy was still quivering I slammed my man rod so deep I swear it was going to come out her throat. I fucked her so hard she screamed for more until I blasted my cum all over her tits. Another coed earns money the naughty way.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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I saw this cute coed sitting on the wall outside the library looking pretty sad. I'm a sucker for young girls in distress so I asked her what was up. Courtney Page said she was low on cash and hadn't even bought her books. Of course I had a solution for her and in about the time you could say scholarship, Courtney was down on my dick before I gave that tight teen pussy the banging of her college life. Watch Courtney earn some bucks for school with her hot body when you.
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Jimmy and I were cruising a college campus we hadn't been to before trying to change our luck when we bumped into this really cute teen coed named Courtney Page. Jimmy threw the tried and true book scholarship line at her and, of course, she was a typical broke student. Funny thing is when Jimmy asked her what she liked to do in school, Courtney said party so we knew we at least had a fun one on our hands. Jimmy was throwing the pitch out there but Courtney wasn't reacting too much to anything he said which made me a little nervous. When she finally gave us the go ahead, we barely walked into Jimmy's place and she was flashing her tight teen body. I just touched her pussy and Courtney was already wet and moaning. I knew this was going to be some good pussy. It didn't take me long to start banging that sweet shaved box like crazy. We fucked all over Jimmy's couch and this chick was a real young freak but I was getting my rocks off for sure. I finally blew my massive wad all in her mouth and on her tongue, licking it all up. I think we'll go check this campus out again real soon.

Monday, July 30, 2007

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I was checking out the action over at the local campus when I first met Italia. This teen coed sure had a hard luck story being away from home without any money and not even one book for any of her classes. Fortunately for Italia I had a special scholarship offer for a short sex video of her. The next thing I know her head is bobbing up and down my cock, and I’m pounding some tight teen pussy. See all of Italia’s sexual exploits to earn her scholarship when you.
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Jimmy and I have our little scam down to a science when we try to pick up a college cutie. He pitches that he's giving out scholarships to needy students and I act like I happen to be one of them. The coeds seem to perk right up to the notion of scholarship money, until he explains what they have to do to get it. Then sometimes it's a tough sell, money for sex on camera. That was our approach with Italia, a sexy 19 year old coed that had practically none of her text books and needed money in the worst way. Of course the sex part put a temporary hold on her approval, but I told her I was in the same predicament and we could work as a team to get this money. For whatever reason my line of total b.s. worked by the time we hit Jimmy's place, I was already checking out her nice ass and tits. The second I pulled my dick out Italia was right down on it. I found a wild one here because the way she rode her shaved teen pussy on my cock, you would have thought she was at the rodeo. We had some great fun fucking and sucking each other before I let loose with my hot load in her mouth. The scam may be getting old but it's a proven winner.
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Monday, July 09, 2007

College teen with big tits gets her pussy inspected by a huge cock

I was out trying to snake some of that teen coed pussy on the local campus when Janae's hot piece of young ass came across my path. Janae was so broke that she was walking around with a backpack without books because she couldn't afford them. I told her no problem since i had a pocket full of cash and a hard cock that was ready to split some college pussy. This chick rode my dick like she wanted to build a library. Check out all the action when you.
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We found out quickly that an easy way to get a cute coed's attention is mention scholarship because they could always use extra cash. Jimmy uses this to his advantage when he's out scouting for young talent as he did recently when he met Jenae outside her classroom at a local college. Jimmy was straightforward with Jenae, telling her she could earn $1000 to help her buy her books if he could film her having sex with his friend Alex. She was willing to do it as long as she was assured she would get paid. When she was convinced it wasn't a scam, Jenae said she would give it a try. We went back to Jimmy's place and Alex started to get acquainted with Jenae, slowly taking off her clothes until he was fondling her perky teen tits. Jenae was completely naked now when Alex pulled out his cock, and she sucked down on her knees. When Jenae got on top for a ride, that's when things really got wild as these two fucked each other all over the bed and even halfway on the floor. Alex drilled her snatch like the teenage coed slut she was until he blasted his load into her waiting mouth. Now that's our version of financial aid.
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