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Everyone knows how totally freaking rediculous college tuition and books are these days. We hit up colleges all over the USA looking for broke school chicks and offer them a ton of cash if they agree to get naked and so some suckin and fuckin... Who needs scholarships or student loans when you can pay with pussy!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Curvy hot college teen gets down on all fours for some book cash

Paige Taylor was one desperate college girl but she was so damn cute I couldn’t resist offering her one of our special scholarships. She needed her school books in the worst way, and said she would do whatever it took to make some quick cash. When I told her what she needed to do to score a few needed bucks, Paige was down on all fours with her firm teen ass up in the air in no time!
This exceptionally hot college teen gets buggered for a little cash on the couch

Hottie coed Paige was trying to find a quiet area to study. She stumbled upon a little nook right behind her community college, back in the woods a bit. To her surprise and ours, we were using that location to scout out future scholarship winners, and she blew up our spot. Paige Taylor was asking what in the world we were doing back there with our video camera. We claimed the college had hired us to shoot a documentary about secret study spots. We asked Paige if she wanted to be the featured star. She was game especially when we offered her an extra thousand dollars to get naked and fuck me on film. Paige was down on all fours with her firm teen ass up in the air in no time. I blasted away at that tight pussy and you can catch all the sizzling action when you.
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