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Everyone knows how totally freaking rediculous college tuition and books are these days. We hit up colleges all over the USA looking for broke school chicks and offer them a ton of cash if they agree to get naked and so some suckin and fuckin... Who needs scholarships or student loans when you can pay with pussy!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ria Takes a Run Around a Thick Cock

No scholarship, no job... these college girls fuck & suck to pay for school!
Ria Takes a Run Around a Thick Cock

We had been hitting the college campuses hard in search of some needy and sexy coed talent when Jimmy suggested checking out the athletic facilities. It was a hot spot for girls not to mention the fact that you get a pretty good idea of how fit their bodies are. We spotted Ria Lynn working out on the track and she appeared pretty damn fit and all alone, the best kind of coed. We told her about our scholarship offer and let her know sex would be involved. Initially she dismissed the whole notion but slowly she warmed up to it when she realized how truly broke she was. We coaxed her over to Jimmy's place where Ria Lynn slowly got undressed for us but the more clothes she took off, the more turned on she got as well as us. Our pal Marco wasted no time and buried his face right into her wet shaved teen snatch while Ria just signed with pleasure. One she got his cock inside her Ria really got wild, begging to get fucked harder and deeper. She played with her clit constantly while Marco wrapped her up it all kinds of positions until her splashed her face with a hot sticky finish that she gladly licked up. You have to love the fit, firm and desperate types.
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Horny college teen passes book banging 101 with her pussy stuffed

A little down on the bucks, Aubrey Adams will give up her sweet pussy so she can pay for her books. If you don’t believe us, enter here and see for yourself.
College teen with no money fucks for hard earned cash and cum
We came up with a pretty cool idea as we scoured the local college campuses looking for some new teen coed talent. We thought passing out flyers to the cuties describing our special book scholarship would make our come on a little more authentic. When we passed one out to Aubrey, she was more than enthusiastic to learn more about our program, but we let her know up from we needed to see a little more skin to win. She wasn't wearing much to begin with but when we found out she has a bikini underneath her clothes, we figured we had a good shot at pulling this one off. Boy, were we right. Aubrey agreed to go our place poolside to model her bikini and decide if she wanted to go further with the show. Once she started making out with our guy and letting him strip off her bikini, I guess we had our answer. He pulled down her top and nibbled on Aubrey's tiny tits. She knew the deal now and went down low to get a mouthful of hard dick. Aubrey lifted her firm ass high for a doggie drilling and these two went after it hardcore right on the pool deck. I wans't sure if anyone was watching but they sure didn't care at this point. Aubrey could have fucked all afternoon but when our man was ready to cum, she got on her back and opened her mouth wide to lick up a creamy finish. The best part is, we still have more scholarship money available.