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Everyone knows how totally freaking rediculous college tuition and books are these days. We hit up colleges all over the USA looking for broke school chicks and offer them a ton of cash if they agree to get naked and so some suckin and fuckin... Who needs scholarships or student loans when you can pay with pussy!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

College blonde cutie puts her teen mouth around a hard cock for money

Annette Annette
Annette comes from germany looking for the land of the free, to do what you want, go to any school you want, and other things. Today shes going to get a chance to earn her books for school and gets approached with an offer annette simply cannot refuse. Girls from germany seems to fit this type of work, but annette seems a bit shy but soon opens up to the idea. Shes all into the idea and strips like a good german girl should, and before you know it shes sucking on a big cock that soon turns into a nice fuck frenzy. Annette is really into this american guy and it shows, and soon shes on her knees pledging to the cock god begging for his gooey prize!
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Saturday, November 25, 2006

This little hottie is one hott college teen in bed

We hit up colleges all over the USA looking for broke school chicks and offer them a ton of cash if they agree to get naked and so some suckin and fuckin.
Sierra Sin Sierra Sin
Sierra is her name, and shes a little petite hottie that has a body that can take a huge cock with ease. After jimmy convinces her about some bogus scholarship she can get, sierra says why the hell not and dives into this so-called scholarship opportunity. They head back and she starts stripping down, and when you see the body she has, you would definitely want to wank your shit off on this hottie. Sierra can suck a mean cock, and get fucked like a true teen whore. After some sweet sex, sierra takes the cumshot on her petite teen face like a true champion, uhh, I mean whore.
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Shes looking to get her college money for books

Veronica Stone Veronica Stone
Veronica looks hot in them glasses, but she seems a bit shy at first. She soon opens up and shows her tits...and what a nice pair they are. Shes not shy anymore as you'll hear her moaning with pleasure as hes fucking her good and long. It ends with a nice load right in her mouth, and now she can pay for books.
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Trisha gets a chance for some scholarship money, yeah right

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Trisha Marx Trisha Marx
Trisha says why not when giving a chance to participate in a college survey for some scholarship money to help pay for school. What turns into an interview turns into a video of sexual favors and trisha seems upbeat about the idea of getting fucked in front of a camera. Trisha seems to be a veteran of sucking major cock as you'll see in this segment, and also a good whore in straddling a cock. After some heavy panting and some heavy sweating, trisha not only gets money to help pay for college, she gets a face full of jizz to top it off!
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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tiffanys a college girl who needs that extra help in finances

Pierced titty college teen blondie gets paid after a hardcore fucking
Tiffany Rayne Tiffany Rayne
Tiffanys a freshmen in college and on her own trying to make ends meet to get through schooling. So we rap with her and ask if shes willing to do this interview in exchange to help her pay for some of her school finances. After about 2 minutes of convincing her, they head back to the pad and she starts stripping for a few photos, but things start getting heavy as shes sucking down on a huge cock in no time and getting banged to help her pay for her books and stuff. After shes creaming all over this dudes cock and satisfying her craving, its his turn to glaze that pretty face of hers with some jizz!
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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jamie gets a chance to pay for her schooling

Jamie Elle Jamie Elle
Jamie is a petite little teen going to college but struggling a bit trying to make ends meet, until she gets an opportunity to make some extra cash to help pay for some of her books, etc. The opportunity turns into a sex education class when shes asked to get naked, and also get fucked on camera. After some easy persuasion, shes on her knees, sucking on a huge cock getting it hard for some heavy fuck action. Jamie has the best of both worlds, she gets some extra money to pay for her books, plus she gets a facial to make her skin glisten!
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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jessie cant refuse book money when it includes getting fucked

Jessie Summer Jessie Summer
Jessie jumps at the chance when jimmy says he has some scholarship money to hand out just for a quick interview. What starts off as an interview tunrs into a hot sex frenzy that you dont want to miss. Jessie has a body to die for, and a nice shaved pussy you would want to eat all night until its time to get fucked! In the end, jessie takes a facial like a good college whore would!
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Friday, November 17, 2006

Jenny cleans the dorm room and does much more

Jenny Hendrix Jenny Hendrix
Shes a very friendly girl who just needs the extra money to make it through college, and is cleaning jimmys dorm while being filmed. What she doesnt expect is that they'll want to give her a proposal more than just cleaning. After some brief debating with her, shes willing to do what they want to make even more money. When $800 bucks gets her attention, she starts stripping and much more. Jenny seems to be an expert when it comes to sucking a mean cock, and she can sure fuck as well too. Dont miss this episode as she takes a facial like a trooper!
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

She gets caught off-guard to have sex on camera, but gives in

Daryn Daryn
Daryn cant believe that someone just came up to her asking to have sex on camera, and shes giving in to the whole idea. If its enough to pay for her shcooling and books, she says...why the hell not. So they go back to his pad and gets busy. She sucks some mean cock, gets fucked real good, and in the end not only does she gets a face full of jizz, but some cash to pay for school!
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Jordan gets a deal to pay for school

Jordan Ray Jordan Ray
A modeling interview with jordan turns into a fuck frenzy when shes proposed with some cash to fuck on camera. Jordan is a hottie that cant turn down an opportunity like this since shes in need of money. They go back to the pad for some heavy 1-on-1 suck and fuck fest. Jordan sucks a cock real good, and fucks even better until the guy unlaods his nut batter all over her face.
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An On-campus interview turns into a fuck frenzy

Trista Tanner Trista Tanner
Trista is going to school to get her future going, and really cant get by with the money shes got, so jimmy throws her an opportunity she seems to cant refuse. After some convincing, trista goes back to his place after jimmy is willing to pay for all of her books. At his place, she opens up and starts getting kinky until she butt naked, sucking on some cock. After some hardcore fucking, trista enjoys a nice load of jizz right across her face.
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Another college girl needing financial assistance

Lacie Lacie
A student interview turns into a hot chat when lacie here accepts the offer to have sex on camera for some money to help her for college. With lacie struggling to make ends meet, she goes back with him to get naked and have some hott sex. Lacie sure can suck a mean cock, and ride one too.......she's so into fucking this guy that her moans are music to your ears, until finally he busts his huge load smack dab across her tongue for a tasty treat!
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Freckled face cutie gives it up real quick

Ashley Gracie Ashley Gracie
Ashleys' 20 yrs. old and in dire need of tuition, so when she gets approached with an offer, she dives into it. Her nicely shaved pussy gets rammed hard and she luvs every minute of it. Dont miss this action as she takes a huge facial....AND GETS PAID!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Joey gets concerned with the camera but gets persuaded easily for sex

Joey was new to campus life and all the expenses. She was tired of borrowing her friends' books so when we showed up with our offer, her mouth became a cocksucking machine. It wasn't too long after she was bouncing up and down on some hard dick.
Joey Joey
A so-called scholarship is tempting for joey, who's struggling to get books for school, but after some conversation, she goes back with them to get cash and get fucked at the same time. Joey looks like a hot babe and we certainly cant wait to get into her wet pussy and have her lips wrapped around a stiff cock. Shes so wet after getting fucked real good that she eagerly waits for this guys load which he sprays all over her eyes and mouth for the most awesome facial.
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An exercise turns into a nice fuckfest for some cash

A little down on the bucks, these teen coeds will give up their sweet pussies so they can pay for their books. If you don’t believe us, enter here and see RIA LYNN.
Ria Lynn Ria Lynn
Ria was minding her own, exercising at the college campus when up walks an invitation she cant refuse. She gets warm and fuzzy inside that shes able to make some quick cash that she flashes us like theres no one around. They get back to the place and they just go at it like horny devils. Great blowjob, doggystyle action and some sweet cowgirl positions that ends up with ria and her face all covered in the milky goo from a stiff cock.
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Sonya makes ends meet by selling magazine subscriptions

Sonya Sonya
She sells magazines subscriptions in college to make ends meet, but jimmy has more then that to help her out and get her degree.....a degree in sex education. After some conversation in attempts to get her to get fucked on film, she jumps at the chance when some cash gets flashed at her. A so-called "interview" turns into a nice cock in her mouth, wet pussy being fucked and some man juice on her face.
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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Savannah gets talked into having sex to pay for her books

Our girl from down south was a little shy at first, but she warmed up nicely when we told her we could help her financial plight. Things got even hotter when we took her back for a getting to know you session with her sweet snatch and a strange cock for book bucks.

Savannah Stern Savannah Stern
She will do what it takes to make it through college, even if it means having sex in front of a camera. She has nothing to lose since she'll get to scream while creaming all over his cock and she'll have the cash to pay for her books. When they head back to the dorm room, she strips down and what an ass on this girl, and a nice pussy too, ready to get eaten out by the nearest horny fucker. In the end, she gets the cash and a face full of cream jizz.
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Vanessa with her cool attitude gets a proposal to help pay for books

Vanessa Vanessa
When we approach vanessa with a proposal of helping her pay for some of her books, shes all for it and goes back with our crew to see what she has to do. After some hard persuasion from us, vanessa strips off her clothes with ease and jumps at this chance for some cool cash. Vanessa is a cool chic, and even cooler as shes on the bed slurping on a big cock, getting ready to be fucked real good, and this girl sure can fuck as you'll see in this hot exclusive. In the end, vanessa not only gets a sweet facial, but even gets some books to go along with it.
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Hot and Horny Teen

Chase Chase
Chase had planned on going to the library. Well plans changed as she found herself naked with a fat cock in her mouth as well as some needed cash waiting for her. She collected the full amount as she got her pussy drilled from all directions, loving every second of it.
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Young and Sexy

Haley Haley
This giggly college chick is one of the kinkiest girls we have found in a while. She has such a cute smile and she was willing to suck on his cock and spread her legs as wide as she could.
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Hot Little Coed

Jacky Diaz Jacky Diaz
We saw this sexy 19 year old, Jackie Diaz, desperately trying to get in the library for some late night studying, we offered her a far more lucrative option. Once she took off her clothes and started to play with her wet twat, she was starting to love her change of plans!!
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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sweet Kinky Blonde

Jordan Jordan
Jordan is our latest coed in need of cash. She worked in a local coffee shop trying to pay her way through college. Se we decided to "help her out". Once we flashed twelve one hundred dollar bills in front of her, she was more then willing to let us film her.
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Hot and Spicy

Jackie Jackie
Jackie is in her first year of college and slightly desperate for some extra cash. That's where we came in. All she had to do for this special scholarship was get naked and play with some cock. Jackie said what the heck and sucked that dick fat and hard until it was time for some serious cock riding. Jackie passed her first college test with flying colors and lots of cum.
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One Wild Ride

Taryn Taryn
Taryn was so broke she only had a single dollar on her. We told her that we offer a "special" scholarship and she was very interested. She lead us to her dorm room were we flashed the cash and she gave up the ass. Ending up with a face full of cum and a pocket full of cash!
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So, So Kinky

Kimberly Kimberly
Kimberly was down on her luck. Her credit card was maxed & she had books to buy. So we offered pussy for cash, and she got wet thinking about it. Off went the clothes & she got ready to fuck by fingering her twat. Some cum on the face for the payoff finished the deal.
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