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Everyone knows how totally freaking rediculous college tuition and books are these days. We hit up colleges all over the USA looking for broke school chicks and offer them a ton of cash if they agree to get naked and so some suckin and fuckin... Who needs scholarships or student loans when you can pay with pussy!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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I saw this cute coed sitting on the wall outside the library looking pretty sad. I'm a sucker for young girls in distress so I asked her what was up. Courtney Page said she was low on cash and hadn't even bought her books. Of course I had a solution for her and in about the time you could say scholarship, Courtney was down on my dick before I gave that tight teen pussy the banging of her college life. Watch Courtney earn some bucks for school with her hot body when you.
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Jimmy and I were cruising a college campus we hadn't been to before trying to change our luck when we bumped into this really cute teen coed named Courtney Page. Jimmy threw the tried and true book scholarship line at her and, of course, she was a typical broke student. Funny thing is when Jimmy asked her what she liked to do in school, Courtney said party so we knew we at least had a fun one on our hands. Jimmy was throwing the pitch out there but Courtney wasn't reacting too much to anything he said which made me a little nervous. When she finally gave us the go ahead, we barely walked into Jimmy's place and she was flashing her tight teen body. I just touched her pussy and Courtney was already wet and moaning. I knew this was going to be some good pussy. It didn't take me long to start banging that sweet shaved box like crazy. We fucked all over Jimmy's couch and this chick was a real young freak but I was getting my rocks off for sure. I finally blew my massive wad all in her mouth and on her tongue, licking it all up. I think we'll go check this campus out again real soon.

Monday, July 30, 2007

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I was checking out the action over at the local campus when I first met Italia. This teen coed sure had a hard luck story being away from home without any money and not even one book for any of her classes. Fortunately for Italia I had a special scholarship offer for a short sex video of her. The next thing I know her head is bobbing up and down my cock, and I’m pounding some tight teen pussy. See all of Italia’s sexual exploits to earn her scholarship when you.
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Jimmy and I have our little scam down to a science when we try to pick up a college cutie. He pitches that he's giving out scholarships to needy students and I act like I happen to be one of them. The coeds seem to perk right up to the notion of scholarship money, until he explains what they have to do to get it. Then sometimes it's a tough sell, money for sex on camera. That was our approach with Italia, a sexy 19 year old coed that had practically none of her text books and needed money in the worst way. Of course the sex part put a temporary hold on her approval, but I told her I was in the same predicament and we could work as a team to get this money. For whatever reason my line of total b.s. worked by the time we hit Jimmy's place, I was already checking out her nice ass and tits. The second I pulled my dick out Italia was right down on it. I found a wild one here because the way she rode her shaved teen pussy on my cock, you would have thought she was at the rodeo. We had some great fun fucking and sucking each other before I let loose with my hot load in her mouth. The scam may be getting old but it's a proven winner.
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Monday, July 09, 2007

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I was out trying to snake some of that teen coed pussy on the local campus when Janae's hot piece of young ass came across my path. Janae was so broke that she was walking around with a backpack without books because she couldn't afford them. I told her no problem since i had a pocket full of cash and a hard cock that was ready to split some college pussy. This chick rode my dick like she wanted to build a library. Check out all the action when you.
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We found out quickly that an easy way to get a cute coed's attention is mention scholarship because they could always use extra cash. Jimmy uses this to his advantage when he's out scouting for young talent as he did recently when he met Jenae outside her classroom at a local college. Jimmy was straightforward with Jenae, telling her she could earn $1000 to help her buy her books if he could film her having sex with his friend Alex. She was willing to do it as long as she was assured she would get paid. When she was convinced it wasn't a scam, Jenae said she would give it a try. We went back to Jimmy's place and Alex started to get acquainted with Jenae, slowly taking off her clothes until he was fondling her perky teen tits. Jenae was completely naked now when Alex pulled out his cock, and she sucked down on her knees. When Jenae got on top for a ride, that's when things really got wild as these two fucked each other all over the bed and even halfway on the floor. Alex drilled her snatch like the teenage coed slut she was until he blasted his load into her waiting mouth. Now that's our version of financial aid.
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