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Everyone knows how totally freaking rediculous college tuition and books are these days. We hit up colleges all over the USA looking for broke school chicks and offer them a ton of cash if they agree to get naked and so some suckin and fuckin... Who needs scholarships or student loans when you can pay with pussy!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Coed Sluts Love Skater Boys

Candice is a little late when she decides to regsiter for her college courses, and gets lucky as she see our guys throwing tail on his skateboard. We come up to her and we instantly throw her a rap about making some extra cash to help her schooling out. This girl might be an easy lay at parties because shes down for whatever we do and so we haed back to the studio for some one-on-one education. Candice made the right decision as shes gagging on our guys dick, then gets tossed around for some sweet fuckin action. Thats followed by her face getting blasted with cum!

I was bored and decided to go skateboarding over at the local college campus on a recent night, and called Jimmy to tag along in case we ran into some stray coed pussy. It was really dark but I told Jimmy I thought I saw a cutie lurking around the corner checking us out. I inspected further and sure enough this teen freshman Candice was checking out my skills. Right away Jimmy broke into the special book scholarship offer, especially after Candice mentioned she couldn't afford to buy any. This chick wanted money and I wanted to bang her badly so we all agreed and off we went to Jimmy's place. When I unzipped my fly and let my long cock fall out, Candice nearly ran out of the room. She regained her senses and attempted to get all my meat in her mouth, and she did a damn god job of it. When she got on top of me, I could tell Candice was no stranger to fucking because she knew how to ride. Candice knew just about all there was to know about getting laid so I drilled her teen pussy long and hard before glazing her with a facial. Good things seem to happen when you get out of the house.
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